Photo by my sweet friend  Madeline Mae

Photo by my sweet friend Madeline Mae

I've been a creative for as long as I can remember. I was always the child asking for endless art kits (I think I had at least five at one point), beading kits, watercolor supplies, art classes, clay and clay tools, or a camera for her birthday or Christmas. If it was something artistic you could bet I was interested.

I picked up my first disposable camera sometime in my single digit years and although I focused on other creative pursuits as a teen (mostly fashion design), never forgot photography. Right out of high school I took a class to learn how to use a DSLR, which reignited my love for photography, and the rest is history.

I've been shooting professionally since 2009, and am self taught. I've come a long way since my childhood disposable camera days with multiple accidental frames of my feet while at summer camp. Capturing and crafting tangible memories of intangible fleeting moments in a unique and artistic way - visual heirlooms that will be looked at for generations to come, and essentially freezing time to capture those precious moments between you and your loved ones is my favorite part of my job. I may based out of San Diego, California; but I get a little stir crazy when I'm in one place for too long so I'm always down for travel and adventures, especially when they involve photography!

Aside from being a photographer, I am also a mama; fashionista; serial shopper; recipe creator; occasional watercolorist; interior design aficionado; coffee fiend (I'll go anywhere for incredible black coffee); cat and french bull dog lover; and all around creative since birth. I’m crazy in love with my incredible husband of five years, Mark (the stud in the photo up top with me, sorry ladies he's taken).