The title of this post is no joke. Here in San Diego (and the rest of Southern California), the weather is uncharacteristically humid, and characteristically hot for mid-October.

Every year I seem to forget that the heat lasts through the final week of this month, until I'm in the thick of it. The only place to escape nasty heat in San Diego is usually the beach, because you can just hang in the water all day. But this late in the year, the water's just a little too cold for that; so we just get to sweat it out. 

All the gorgeous sweaters and cozy clothing, coupled with fall candles, and everyone who is not located in SoCal's fall Instagrams don't help my pining for real seasons either. Then, to top it all off, it's been super gray and foggy and somehow managed to not even cool down at all. Don't mind me staying inside all day and pretending it's cold enough outside to justify my sock wearing. A girl's got to be allowed to at least pretend there's such a thing as autumn in Southern California.

Enough season-wishing though. When you're tired of wearing your summer wardrobe because you've been wearing it for the past five-and-a-half months, but you still can't layer, or even imagine justifying purchasing that gorgeous sweater you're eyeing, what do you wear? This!

Vera Fedora - Sold Out, Janessa LeoneParis Snap Shot Tee - Madewell | City Skirt in Stripe - Madewell | Sammy Boot - Sold Out, Madewell | Vintage Shoulder Bag - Dooney & Bourke | Necklace - Sold Out, Madewell | Cuff - Sold out, Madewell | Assorted Rings - Moorea Seal and elsewhere

Photos: Sara Ruth Photography

Editing: Natalie Griffo