With the onset of a Southern California Fall, comes a necessary daily weather check. One afternoon you’re burning a fire in the fireplace, and the next you’re wearing shorts and a tee. Sound like an exaggeration? It’s not. This literally happened to me in the past week.

All the bipolar weather can definitely leave your body’s immune system a bit under the weather (pun definitely intended) if you’re not taking incredible care of yourself, as in the case of my husband a few weeks back. Being the awesome wife that I am, I set off to concoct for him as many home remedies as I could in an attempt to get him (mostly) healed in time for our vacation a few days later.

All my knowledge and efforts paid off. We set off for our vacation mostly well, and enjoyed ourselves to the utmost.

Whether you’re feeling a bit under the weather, love the health benefits of ginger, or are a just an avid ginger ale fan, this super refreshing ginger drink will do the trick. Since it lacks all the sugar from conventional ginger flavored drinks, and actually contains raw ginger, it’s also much better for you. So drink up!

I definitely recommend using a microplane grater / zester for this drink if you have one, or can purchase one. It makes a huge difference when the ginger bits are actually drinkable.

Makes enough for 1 large drink, easily multiplied

a good sized knob of ginger (I like mine pretty gingery)

agave, brown rice syrup, or stevia (After making this a few times, I prefer to go the stevia route as it dissolves into the drink easiest) 

sparkling water

squeeze of lemon

Begin by grabbing your cup of choice. Peel the knob of ginger. Grate directly into the cup. Pour a splash of sparkling water over the grated ginger, and add your chosen sweetener to taste. Add a squeeze of lemon juice, and stir until sweetener is fully dissolved. Finish by topping off the glass with more sparkling water until full. Enjoy!