Well good morning to you too already 85 degree at 8 am (and rising to 95 degrees) San Diego! I'm doing hot, how about you? With a week where the heat is inescapable, no matter how much  of an early riser you are, refreshment is in order.

And what a refresher this is. Cool, minty, deliciousness sure goes down easy on a scorcher like today. This shake is not only tasty (and like drinking dessert for breakfast) but also has, wait for it... Health benefits! With a mix of power greens and energizing maca, this superfood shake is the perfect start to even the hottest of mornings or mid-day cool down.

Maca: Maca is an “adaptogen” meaning it has the ability to balance and stabilize the body’s hormonal, nervous and cardiovascular systems. For this reason it is particularly effective for improving libido. Maca also has the ability to help us cope with stress, and stabilize our moods and energy.  Boasting 31 minerals and trace elements, maca is a nutritional powerhouse and a stress-relieving, healthy addition to many foods. [1]

A big thank you to Janelle for gifting me the Raw Cacao Nibs from Parliament Chocolate used in this recipe! They are delicious, full of the heady scent of chocolate, and come in the prettiest package.


Makes 2 large, or 4 small servings

2 frozen bananas, broken up

2 cups of greens (I recommend a blend of baby kale, spinach, and chard, for a sweeter tasting smoothie)

2 tbsp maca

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

2 cups almond milk

splash of vanilla

handful of mint

raw cacao nibs

Place all ingredients (except cacao nibs) in blender, beginning with the frozen banana. Pour the almond milk over the top, and blend until smooth.

Divide between glasses, and stir in cacao nibs. Finish with an extra sprinkle of cacao nibs to top. Enjoy!