1. Host a barbecue or bonfire on the beach

2. Go night swimming in the ocean

3. Learn to surf while the water is still warm

4. Go on a road trip

5. Drive the coast with your beloved, or a car full of friends

6. Buy an overabundance of figs and summer berries

7. Make Heirloom Tomato Jam, fast before heirlooms are all gone

8. Make Raspberry + Basil Pops

9. Snuggle on a blanket under the stars with your beloved

10. Spend a day without your phone

11. Take a walk on the beach

12. Read a book before summer ends

13. Watch the sunrise

14. Host a pool party

15. Host a dinner party or couples date night

16. Climb a tree

17. Eat too much watermelon

18. Spend a lazy day at home, enjoying home cooking and the beautiful weather

19. If you haven't already, try some Kyoto Cold Brew coffee from Lofty Coffee Co.

20. Savor every moment

How are you enjoying the last days of summer? Leave a comment below letting us know!