If you've never been to Lofty Coffee Co, you are missing out. The original Lofty popped up on Coast Highway, two blocks from Moonlight Beach a few years ago and changed my life. My husband (then boyfriend) discovered it with a friend within the first week of opening, and ever since then we've considered ourselves Lofty's biggest fans... Telling nearly everyone we come in contact with about our favorite coffee spot.

Everything is excellent. The best organic coffee (and chai, they brew their own), the tastiest panini and pastries (made with local and organic ingredients), the friendliest people (like sing your name upon seeing you friendly), and the most beautiful design and attention to detail. 

I was so excited in the spring of this year when I heard they were opening up their own roaster, just across the street. It opened on my birthday, and the design and atmosphere far surpassed anything I had imagined in the months prior. I was blown away. Everything had gone up by ten levels.

I live about thirty minutes away, but they've gotten me hooked on their Kyoto Cold Brew, friendly staff, and the best coffee shop atmosphere and location I've ever experienced. So much so that I manage to make the drive 3-4 times a week. Lofty, you never disappoint. 

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