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Confession time. I am a creator.

Some of my fondest memories are running around with a film camera taking pictures as a little girl; interior designing my mom’s old dollhouse a hundred times over; wedding planning for my Barbies; crafting a yacht and house for my dolls with a boxcutter, old boxes and packing tape (balcony, working doors, and stairs included); making my own paper dolls and designing them clothes; styling and photographing the salad I’d been told to make instead of making it. You name it, I probably made it as a child.

That creativity still runs in my veins today, and those moments and more have translated into the things that I still love to do as an adult. So it makes sense that I’ve never actually been able to fully commit to one creative outlet or work. Ever. I’ve always labeled myself as one thing or the other, changing the label to fit the season that I’m in. But starting now that’s over. Why should I be or do one thing when I’m good at so many things? Shifting between multiple things instead of doing the same thing over and over should prevent burn out anyway, right? Right!

I’ve had a lot of time to think and dream during my year long hiatus from freelance (spent focusing on and engaging with my daughter Chloé). And now more than ever I know that I know that I know that I was made to create. So starting today I’m going to be available to do all the creative things I love. Interior design and styling, food photography and styling, love and lifestyle photography, lifestyle blogging, and more as the urge to create in new ways comes. If you are interested in following along on my creative journey, please check out my updated website and sign up for my email list on the homepage. If you want me to create something for you, please get in touch via DM or the let’s talk button on the homepage. If you’re interested in your home or a room in it being a part of the interior design portfolio I’m assembling, be sure to enter my upcoming Instagram giveaway. As always, thanks for coming along for my wild creative journey. 

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